Wheelchairs Change Lives

Namwianga Mission Hospital distributes free wheelchairs to those who need them.

Zambian woman smiling while sitting in a wheelchair

Doreen knows how a wheelchair can change a life. When she lost her ability to walk, Doreen had to crawl to get from place to place. She had no one who could carry her, so she stayed at home in her small house. She quit going to church, or the market—or anywhere.

Doreen had lost her mobility and her dignity. A new wheelchair from Namwianga Mission Hospital changed Doreen’s life. Now she moves around easily in her house and yard. She can even do some gardening from her wheelchair.

Most of the wheelchairs distributed at Namwianga are built on-site from parts that are locally available. These chairs are sturdy and made specifically for rural conditions. The cost for one wheelchair is $200. Partial gifts are welcome.

We also partner with other organizations to provide pediatric/specialized wheelchairs and Personal Energy Transportation (PET) carts. These items must be shipped to Zambia from the United States. Donations are used to fund shipping and distribution costs.

food relief photo

You can change a life by giving toward the purchase of a wheelchair. Someone is waiting for a wheelchair that YOU can help to provide.