Water Wells

Clean Water

food relief photo

Until recently the village of Chuundwe had no access to clean water. The closest water source was a polluted pond used by both cattle and humans. The school’s headmaster reported that the children had no way to get drinking water at school. Instead of bringing a lunch, the students brought only a traditional corn drink because they knew solid food would make them thirsty and there was no water to quench their thirst.

Generous donors partnered with Nawianga Mission to drill a well that now provides an abundant supply of clean water for the school, the village and surrounding areas. The villagers rejoiced with a time of singing and dancing around the well to show their appreciation. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” they sang.

Like Chuundwe, many rural communities near Namwianga Mission lack access to clean water. Women and children are often the ones who must travel long distances to collect water from polluted streams or ponds. Waterborne illnesses bring distress to families, and the time lost affects school attendance and productivity.

Zambia Mission Fund coordinates efforts to drill wells to supply clean and safe water in needy communities. Mission representatives work with village and church leaders to determine a community’s exact needs. Donor funds cover the costs of drilling a well and installing a hand pump. When a well is completed, the community unites for a time of praise and thanksgiving.

You can bring clean water to villages in rural Zambia with your generous donation to fund water wells. The cost for digging a village well is $6,000. Partial donations of any amount are welcome.