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Eric's House

A safe and loving home for boys and teens

Orphan Care

Eric's House

Helping Boys and Young Men Thrive

Older children who need a stable home environment are welcomed at Eric’s House. The home is part of Namwianga’s orphan care ministry and is located next to The Haven. 

While The Haven serves infants and young children, Eric’s House ministers to orphaned and abandoned older boys. The spacious house has plenty of room for growing boys and teens, and the nearby open-sided gym offers space for sports and games. 

Through the years Eric's House has also cared for girls who were siblings or who aged out of The Haven. Those girls now live with Roy and Kathi Merritt next door to Eric's House.

House parents Jason and Cintia Kumalo involve Eric's House boys in projects to help them learn responsibility and generate income for operational expenses. 


The boys work in the garden plots to provide food for Eric’s House and The Haven. The boys have also raised pigs, chickens, and ducks to provide meat and eggs. A metal working shop offers opportunities to learn a marketable skill. 

The Kumalos work tirelessly to meet the academic, spiritual, and emotional needs of the boys in their care. Jason involves the Eric’s House boys in leading worship services for local congregations. Cintia makes sure that each boy is getting the academic services he needs, including volunteer tutors. Both Jason and Cintia spend hours counseling and advising the boys in their care. 

Support for Eric’s House teens continues after high school with opportunities for job training or college. The goal is to make sure that each young man has the skills he needs to support himself. 

Fun fact: Jason and Cintia had Hollywood careers before coming to Namwianga. Learn more about the Kumalos HERE.