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Education in Zambia

Education is a precious and costly endeavor in Zambia. Many children live in remote areas where there are no schools close by. Students who do have a school nearby must pay fees at every grade level and must wear uniforms, including acceptable shoes. For many families, the resources for school expenses, even for primary and elementary grades, are just not available. 

After grade nine, fees for high school (grades 10–12) climb significantly higher, forcing many capable students to end their education before graduation. According to the CIA Factbook, the average Zambian child’s education is only seven years.  

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Schools at Namwianga

Namwianga Mission began primary schools in the 1930s to promote the Christian faith and to teach Zambians to read the Bible.  Eventually the system expanded to include a high school.  In 1989 Namwianga Mission partnered with the University of Zambia to establish George Benson Christian College (GBCC).

All Namwianga schools emphasize spiritual and academic growth and feature Bible classes, chapel programs and outreach activities as part of the curriculum. 

Namwianga’s Student Sponsorship Program supports students who cannot afford to pay for their education. Find out more about the sponsorship program HERE.

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Namwianga Christian Secondary School (NCSS) is a boarding school for grades 8-12 and has 500 pupils.  In addition to the academic program, students also attend chapel and Bible classes and participate in ministry and outreach activities. In 2021 NCSS was recognized for academic achievement - 100% of the students in grades 9 and 12 passed the 2021 government exams. The Junior Secondary School (grades 8-9) was ranked #1 in Southern Province out of 618 schools.           

Christian Leadership Development (CLD) is a one-year program to train high school graduates for ministry and evangelism.  Most students who go through Christian Leadership Development go on to George Benson Christian College and become secondary school teachers.  There are 35 students enrolled in the program. 

George Benson Christian College (GBCC), with 325 students, is a three-year college that trains students to teach at the secondary level. Students choose two of the following subjects for their teaching areas: English, history, mathematics, religious education, social studies, science and computer technology. 

The college is in the process of becoming a university and will soon offer a four-year degree program in education.

Other schools are assisted by Namwianga Mission and provide Christian education in villages within a 100-mile radius of Namwianga.  These are called grant-aided schools and are partially funded by the Zambian government. Namwianga provides Bible teachers and some financial assistance and oversight.

  • Namwianga Christian Basic School (NCBS) serves pupils in grades K-9 and has 600 enrolled. 
  • Kabanga Christian Secondary School and Kabanga Christian Basic School have 1,100 students in grades K-12.
  • Simpweze Christian Basic School has 550 students in grades K‑9.
  • Zyangale Christian Basic School has 400 students in grades K‑9.
  • Sinde Christian Basic School has 400 students in grades K‑9.