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You can make a difference

Thousands of Zambians depend on the ministries of Namwianga Mission for help. The Signature Campaign is Zambia Mission Fund’s annual effort to raise funds for Namwianga’s basic expenses in the coming year.

Your Signature Campaign gift will support ministries that give help and change lives in the name of Jesus.

A blind Zambian woman holding a bag of food

Josephine is blind. She has no job and no way to support herself. Josephine relies on food relief from Namwianga Mission. Your Signature Campaign donation will help hungry people like Josephine.

A Zambian baby in a woman's arms at The Haven

This sweet three-month-old baby is receiving loving care at The Haven, Namwianga Mission’s orphan care home. She will eventually be placed in a family, but until then she needs the attention, the love, and the infant formula that you can help provide with your Signature Campaign gift.

A Zambian woman at a well holding a 5-gallon bucket on top of her head

Women and children from the village of Kasangala used to spend hours every day walking to the river to collect water. The river was also used by farm animals, and the polluted water caused health problems for the villagers. Children missed classes, and adults were less productive because of illnesses. Then Namwianga Mission drilled a community well. Now there is a plentiful source of clean water for the entire village. Your support can help provide more wells to more communities like Kasangala.

When you donate to the Signature Campaign, you are funding water wells, orphan care, food relief, and other projects. Your help—given in the name of Jesus—changes lives and opens hearts to hear the gospel message.

Please give today. The first $40,000 in donations will be matched to DOUBLE your impact—if received by December 31. Your $50 gift becomes $100. Your $100 becomes $200. Your $500 gift provides $1000 to help Zambians. You can do twice as much good with your gift now.

"Now he who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness."

— 2 Corinthians 9:8 —


Zambia Mission reaches out to those who need it most.