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Orphan Care

The Haven

The Haven

Loving, supportive care for children is a crucial part of Namwianga’s ministry efforts.   

The Haven serves as a home for infants and young children. These little ones are placed in Haven care due to a family tragedy, most often the death of their mother.

Haven staffers work closely with the local social welfare office to provide the best possible situation for each child. Sometimes a grandparent, aunt, or other family member can take care of the infant. The MILK FUND provides infant formula for these babies. Learn more about the Milk Fund HERE. 

Infants who have no one to take care of them find a loving temporary family at The Haven. Homes at The Haven site operate in a family model with a set of house parents and a small number of children.  Caregivers — called aunties — are vital to the work and provide day-to-day care for the children. 

Family Reunification Program

The Haven is designed to provide temporary care. The goal is to transition each child back to family or relatives as soon as possible. Most children are reunited with family members by the time they are 2 years old. 

A full-time social worker directs the Family Reunification Program to place children in families. Family members are encouraged to visit their children at The Haven as often as possible. The children also are taken on visits to their home villages throughout their time at The Haven.

Babies at Namwianga get daily massage, language classes, and playtime. Because the goal is to return children to their families, their diet, style of play, language, and dress at The Haven are strategically planned so that the children will be able to transition more easily to life back at home. 

Goat Program

The Haven supports the reunited families through the Goat Program. Each child receives a goat for the family when leaving The Haven. The goal is for the family to start a herd that will eventually help provide school fees for the child. Donate to provide a goat or goats HERE

Eric's House is a home for older boys. Learn more about Eric's House HERE