Food Relief Efforts

Your generosity can feed the hungry

food relief photo

There is hunger is southern Zambia. A two-year drought in 2018-2019 devastated the area’s crops. One good rainy season in 2020 was followed by irregular rainfall in 2021 and severe flooding in early 2022.

Crops that rural farmers depend on for food and cash have withered in the fields. As farmers survey their ruined crops and empty grain bins, they wonder how they will feed their families. Elderly Zambians worry that they will not survive another year with little to eat.

Zambia Mission Fund mobilizes the resources at Namwianga Mission to deliver food to hungry individuals and communities. Donor funds are used to purchase, transport and distribute tons of mealie meal, the ground maize that is the diet staple for Zambians. The food relief program also provides dried beans and vegetables when those items are available.

During the November-December planting season, the Namwianga team will supply seeds for farmers so that they can plant for next year.

You can prevent hunger and ease the suffering of desperate Zambians by donating generously to fund food relief efforts.

Zambia Mission fund is also providing clean water to areas affected by the drought.