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Milk Fund

Helping babies survive and thrive! 

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Milk Fund

Formula for Success: Giving Babies What They Need

The death of a mother in childbirth is heartbreaking. Even as families deal with their sorrow and grief, they must decide how to provide care for the surviving infant. 

Usually, an aunt or sister or grandmother is willing to take on the responsibility—but how will the baby be fed? In remote rural areas, infant formula is almost impossible to find and too expensive for most families to afford. 

The Haven orphanage offers the Milk Fund to provide formula for motherless infants. 

This grandmother is raising her grandson and relies on the Milk Fund for infant formula for baby Joshua. 

Each month, a caregiver brings the infant to The Haven to pick up a month’s supply of formula. Staff members check the baby to see if any medical or nutritional interventions are needed. Monthly visits continue until the baby is ready for solid food. 

Thousands of babies have survived because of the Milk Fund. The infants and their families depend on donors to provide funds for the formula. It costs just $15 for a month’s supply to feed one baby. 

Please donate to make sure that every baby in the Milk Fund program has just what they need to survive and thrive.