Namwianga Farm

Early missionaries purchased land around Namwianga Mission in the 1930s, acquiring roughly 6,000 acres for about 60 cents per acre from the British. As they completed their service as missionaries, they turned over their land to Namwianga Mission. The vast acreage surrounding the established schools and clinic became known as Namwianga Farm

farm photo
The goal of the Namwianga Farm today is to supplement Mission operational costs by generating income and providing food for the schools and ministries at Namwianga. Income from the Farm pays all of the local land taxes for the Namwianga schools, medical facilities, and in-home orphan care.

farm photo

farm photo

A herd of 200 cattle, mostly Boron and mixed Zambian breeds, grazes the fields, and maize crops flourish during the rainy season. The Farm works with the Christian Leadership Program in a gardening project that provides agricultural training for students and delivers food to needy families. Students at both the high school and college level receive occupational training and earn money for school fees while employed at the Farm.

How You Can Help

Donations to the Farm are used to purchase the following:
• Medicines and vaccines for the livestock
• Seeds and chemicals for crops
• Fuel for the equipment
• Wheelbarrows, shovels, and hoes for students and day workers.